The DrapeCaddy®

The DrapeCaddy® is a durable, lightweight plastic alternative to traditional alloy-based anesthesia screens designed for the safety and comfort of patients undergoing conscious sedation for procedures to include:

  • PPM and ICD implants
  • CVC and PICC line insertion
  • Hemodialysis catheter insertion
  • Outpatient surgical procedures

The DrapeCaddy® slides beneath the pillow or headrest providing staff  with an unobstructed view of the patient, enhanced sterile integrity, and a more comfortable experience for the patient during the procedure.
Drape Caddy Anesthesia Screen

The DrapeCaddy® is mold injected in an ISO 13485 certified US manufacturing facility from ABS which is considered superior for its durability, high impact resistance, and electrical insulation properties.

Additional features:

  • Cut-outs at the base of the frame to direct anesthesia tubing, IV tubing, or monitoring cables/wires
  • Socket clamps are not required to secure DC-1955 frame to the procedure table
  • Easily positioned for left or right access
  • Large spring clips (included) secure drape to the frame
  • Frame dimensions are 9.0″L x 24.5″W x 17.5″H

The DC-1955 Drape Caddy ® includes WC-1955 White Clips (additional clips $3.95 each; minimum order 10 clips if ordered separately).

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Pricing is $339 US.  To order please call or fax 866-777-8394 or email

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